The F.I.B.K.A. Library

- Books

The books in this list are set out in the usual format used in the book trade. The number of each volume is followed by the author; then the title followed by the edition, the date and the number of pages.

There are other abbreviations used: CAB refers to the lectures delivered to the Central Association of Beekeepers. The initials IBRA after an entry indicate those published by the International Bee Research Association. Where possible the country of origin is given. All Irish publications are indicated as are those published in the US. The bulk of the books are English and these are not indicated.

When ordering books please order by number. This makes it easier to send on the right book.

Borrowers are allowed to borrow two books at a time for a period of one month. those who have not borrowed previously from the Library should furnish a letter from their Association secretary confirming their current membership.

Books must be ordered by post not over the telephone.

Available from:

Mr Jim Ryan
Kickham Street
Co Tipperary
Tel No: 0504-22228


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- Videos/DVDs

The FIBKA library of DVD's is maintained by our Video Librarian: Mary Montaut. If you would like to request the loan of these DVDs, you can contact Mary at or phone 01 286 0497 

DVDs kindly made and supplied by Denis McCarthy (Cork BKA). These DVDs are unique and MUST NOT BE COPIED or lent except from the Video Library of FIBKA. They are the intellectual property of the lecturers.

FIBKA Library List 2017

Gormanston 2016
1. Jamie Ellis Biology of the Honey Bee
2. Jamie Ellis Honey Bee Colonies as Superorganisms
3. Jamie Ellis Sustainability of Beekeeping in the 21st Century
4. Michael Maunsell Colony Evaluation & Record Keeping
5. Mary Coffey Bee Health

Gormanston 2015
1. Professor Robert Paxton: Social Organization of the Honeybee Colony (The Dark Side of the Hive)
2. Professor Robert Paxton: More than the Common Cold: Viruses of the Honeybee
3. Professor Robert Paxton: The Doom and Gloom of Nosema – or is it all Hype?
4. Professor Robert Paxton: A Journey Through Space and Time in Search of Bees
5. Michael Maunsell, FIBKA Education Officer: Hygienic Behaviour for Beekeepers
6. Eleanor Attridge, FIBKA Bee Health Officer: Winning at the National Honey Show

Gormanston 2014
1. Professor Thomas Seeley: The Dance Language of Honeybees
2. Professor Thomas Seeley: The Bee Hive as a Honey Factory
3. Professor Thomas Seeley: Hive Thirst
4. Professor Thomas Seeley: Honeybee Democracy
5. Professor Thomas Seeley: The Flight Guidance Mechanisms of Honeybee Swarms
6. Thomas Prendergast: Stock Increase
7. Noel Power: Controlling Bees and Working for Honey

 They are available to both Associations and individuals as follows: -


Affiliated Associations

The Librarian will post DVD's out to Association Secretaries on request and the Association concerned will pay the return postage. Associations can borrow a maximum of two DVD's at any one time.
Associations can hold a DVD for a period of two weeks and must return it within this time period.
DVD's are the property of FIBKA and must be replaced if lost or damaged.


An individual borrow must be a member of an association affiliated to FIBKA. A letter from the Secretary of the borrowers Association confirming their membership must accompany the first application.
Individuals are limited to one DVD at any one time.
Individuals must undertake to replace any damaged or broken DVD's
A borrower must return the DVD within two weeks; failure to do so will disqualify the borrower from obtaining further DVD's.
The borrower must pay €3 towards the cost of posting out the DVD and this fee can be enclosed in the return envelope.

Schools etc

Schools or other organisations if interested should contact the Librarian and arrangements can be made to accommodate if at all possible.


- Slides

The following sets of slides on Beekeeping topics are available to Federation Lecturers and Association Secretaries. Each set comes with explanatory notes.

Activities of Worker Honeybees:- 8 Slides
Composition of the Colony:- 12 Slides
Activities within the Colony:- 12 Slides
Foraging Bees:- 12 Slides
Bumble Bees Life History:- 8 Slides
Queen Rearing / Introduction:- 12 Slides
Seasonal Management of Honey Bees:- 18 Slides
Bumble Bee Life Cycle Colony:- 8 Slides
The Honey Bee:- 8 Slides
Hive Types and Other Equipment:- 18 Slides
Please contact the Video Librarian to arrange to hire them.



International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

We are currently looking for young beekeepers (12 -16 age group) to represent Ireland at France 2018. Full details can be seen here

Looking for honey labels and FIBKA lids?

For anyone looking to get the FIBKA jar lids or tamper proof labels for your honey, we have put together the following guidelines in how to apply for them. The document can be downloaded here

Hedge cutting

If you wish to report hedge cutting out of season
Contact the people below
National Parks & Wildlife Service
7 Ely Place
Dublin 2
For General Queries:
Tel: +353-1-888 3242
LoCall 1890 383 000 (within Republic of Ireland only - rates charged for the use of 1890 numbers may vary among different service providers)
Fax: +353-1-888 3272

Disease Sampling Form

Teagasc offers a Honeybee disease diagnostic service to beekeepers, more information available here

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Great news! - The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 is released this week. Click here for more info!

Got something to say!?

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