Beekeeping Beginners’ Classes

Outline of Course

1. General Introduction and Overview with John Cunningham (former Education Officer of the FIBKA,) & Colette O’Connell, Chairperson of the Co. WBKA, secretary of The Native Irish Honey bee Society, during it’s inaugural year.

  • Bees through the Ages
  • Suggested Reading on Honey Bees
  • Some suggested books
  • The Bee Hive & tools used by the Beekeeper
  • Occupants of the Hive, their life and role of each caste
  • Bee terminology
  • Summary

2. The Beekeeping Year with TBA, (to be advised).

  • Autumn – The Start of the Beekeeping year preparing for the following year
  • Winter – Checking colonies and preparing for spring
  • Spring – build up
  • Summer – foraging

3. Swarming with Micheál Moynihan of Moynihans Honey– Causes, controlling swarming –working with the bees instinct to swarm

the principles behind swarm control to avoid losing the honey crop.

4. Getting started with PJ Curran, third generation beekeeper.

Joining your local Association, the benefits. Suppliers of equipment and what to get when starting out, sourcing bees and the importance of getting Native Irish Honey Bees and NOT imported bees.

5. Products of the Hive- James Claxton


  • Types of Honey - Run, Creamed, Granulated, Chunk, Sections, Cut comb
  • Alcohol using honey – Mead and other
  • Wax Products: Candles, Creams, Bees wax lip balms, soap, wax models etc.
  • Encaustic Art
  • Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Venom Therapy

6. Bee Health – Importance of Hygiene for Healthy Bees with Rupert Musgrave.

  • Adult Bee health
  • Brood Bee health
  • Pests (mice, wasps) and Parasites (Varroa, small hive beetle)


Please contact the Secretary at if you are interested in attending



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Notice to all FIBKA Members

Insurance is in place for all FIBKA members as normal until 31 December 2017.

All FIBKA members have to renew their membership from 1st January 2018 as normal, in order to avail of FIBKA benefits including Insurance, An Beachaire, Gormanston, Education and all other membership benefits.

Membership benefits commence only when a members details are returned to the FIBKA Membership Secretary, by their Association Secretary/Treasurer.

We have been made aware that some Associations are not renewing their affiliation to FIBKA consequently all benefits for the members of those Associations end on the 31st December 2017, and Members in these Associations who wish to continue with FIBKA please contact the FIBKA Membership Secretary Joanna McGlaughlin at for details of Associations near to you that are affiliated to FIBKA."

Executive Council meeting 16th December

An Executive Council meeting was held in Tullamore on Saturday the 16th of December to discuss among other items the current situation in FIBKA.

Here is a short description of what happened at that meeting

What does FIBKA offer its members?

Here is a comprehensive list of what FIBKA offers its members

Letter from FIBKA Executive to all Member Associations

The letter can be read here in its entirety by clicking here. There will also be a downloadable PDF file that you can share with other members of your Association

Looking for honey labels and FIBKA lids?

For anyone looking to get the FIBKA jar lids or tamper proof labels for your honey, we have put together the following guidelines in how to apply for them. The document can be downloaded here

Hedge cutting

If you wish to report hedge cutting out of season
Contact the people below
National Parks & Wildlife Service
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For General Queries:
Tel: +353-1-888 3242
LoCall 1890 383 000 (within Republic of Ireland only - rates charged for the use of 1890 numbers may vary among different service providers)
Fax: +353-1-888 3272

Disease Sampling Form

Teagasc offers a Honeybee disease diagnostic service to beekeepers, more information available here