London Honey Show 2008 Results





Class Description


1 Twenty four Jars of Honey 3rd: Mr Michael Woulfe
C: Mr Redmond Williams
2 Two Jars of Clear Honey (Gift) 3rd: Mr John Summerville,
3 Three Jars of Honey (Gift) 1st: Dr Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda
2nd: Mr John Foley
4 Twelve Jars Honey (Ling Heather excluded) 1st: Mr Micheál Mac Giolla Coda
3rd: Mr John Donoghue
HC: Mr Redmond Williams
C: Messr's J & J Power


Class Description


12 Two Jars Medium Honey 3rd: Mr John Foley
C: Mr Redmond Williams
13 Two Jars Dark Honey 3rd: Dr Eoghan Mac Giolla Coda
15 Two Jars Ling Heather Honey VHC: Mr Redmond Williams
17 Two Jars Naturally Crystallised Honey 3rd: Mr John Summerville
18 Counter Display of extracted Honey 3rd: Mrs Mary Ryan
21 Two Sections 1st: Mr John Martin
22 Two Sections free from Ling Heather 1st: Mr John Martin
2nd: Mr Gerry Boland
3rd: Mr Brian Dunbar
VHC: Mr Michael Flynn
26 Container of Cut Comb, free from Ling Heather 3rd: Mr Redmond Williams
VHC: Mr John Summerville
33 Three non-moulded Beeswax Candles 2nd: Mr Dennis Ryan
34 Two moulded Beeswax Models 2nd: Mr John Summerville
39 Mead, Sweet (one bottle) 2nd: Mr Redmond Williams
62 B.B.K.A. Essay - 'The Magic of Beekeeping' 1st: Mrs. Mary Ryan
72 Two Jars Medium Honey 1st: Mr John Foley
76 Two Jars Soft Set Honey VHC: Messr's J & J Power
77 One Honey Section 1st: Mr John Martin
3rd: Mr John Foley
79 Six 227g Jars Dark or Ling Heather Honey 1st: Mr John Donoghue


Class Description


81 Six 27g Beeswax Blocks HC: Mr John Summerville
84 Honey Fruit Cake 1st: Mrs Mary Ryan
3rd: Mr Eddie O'Sullivan
85 Honey Fruit Loaf C: Mrs Mary Ryan
86 Six Small Honey Cakes 1st: Mrs Mary Ryan
87 Six Small Honey Biscuits or Cookies 3rd: Mrs Mary Ryan
102 Two Jars Medium Honey 1st: Mr Micheál Mac Giolla Coda
2nd: Mr John Summerville
VHC: Mr John Foley
C: Messr's J & J Power
103 Two Jars Dark Honey 1st: Mr John Summerville
105 Two Jars Soft Set Honey 1st: Messr's J & J Power
106 Two Jars Ling Heather Honey 2nd: Mr John Summerville
VHC: Mr Redmond Williams
107 One Section Free from Ling Heather 3rd: Mr John Foley
108 One Section Ling Heather Honey 3rd: Mr John Foley
110 Two Containers of Cut Comb, free from Ling 1st: Mr John Summerville
114 Sweet Mead (one bottle) 2nd: Mr Redmond Williams

2008 Cup Award List
Open Classes

Hender Cup Dr E MacGiollaCoda
Apis Club Commemoration Cup Mr M MacGiollaCoda
Burnett Cup Mr J Martin
The McCormick Cup Mr J Martin
Anderson Memorial Cup Mr J Donoghue
Dewey Cake Cup Mrs M Ryan
Tyrone Crystal Bowl Mr J Summerville





Co. Dublin Honey Show

The Dublin Beekeeper’s association will hold its Honey Show on Sat 4th Nov, in Christ Church Hall in Rathgar at 10.30. Entries from Beekeepers across the country and stiff competition have made this event a favourite for Dubliners and visitors from around the country in recent years. 

Entries are now being registered online at Alternatively you can print an entry and post it to the address on the entry form

Co. Mayo BKA Honey Show!

Co. Mayo BKA will be holding their annual honey show on Monday the 23rd of October in the Community Centre, Dromore West, Co Sligo. This event is starting at 5pm and honey needs to be entered before 4.30pm.

The highlight of the show will be an in-depth talk by world-renowned beekeeper, Mark L Winston, who will share insights from his seminal work, "Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive" and world renowned expert on heather honey and Mead, Michael Badger MBE, will be the Chief Honey judge and will also give a presentation on heather honey. The talk will start from 6pm and will be free!

Looking for honey labels and FIBKA lids?

For anyone looking to get the FIBKA jar lids or tamper proof labels for your honey, we have put together the following guidelines in how to apply for them. The document can be downloaded here

Hedge cutting

If you wish to report hedge cutting out of season
Contact the people below
National Parks & Wildlife Service
7 Ely Place
Dublin 2
For General Queries:
Tel: +353-1-888 3242
LoCall 1890 383 000 (within Republic of Ireland only - rates charged for the use of 1890 numbers may vary among different service providers)
Fax: +353-1-888 3272

Disease Sampling Form

Teagasc offers a Honeybee disease diagnostic service to beekeepers, more information available here

Bee Research Project!

FIBKA are co operating with CIT to run a beehealth project to improve the genetic diversity of Irish honey bee stocks, funding needed either corporate or individual. Click here for more info!

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Great news! - The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 is released this week. Click here for more info!

Got something to say!?

We are looking for people to submit articles on beekeeping or anything related to it, on a once off or a regular basis. If you think you could put pen to paper, then please email the Beachaire Manager, Dermot O'Flaherty at